The Sky

The Sky

When the world had showed criticism on Holi colors;
You’ve painted yourself with colorful curves.
When the Earth has drenched in red,
Spread Peace“, the pure white you had shed.
In fact, sometimes when I’ve got afraid in the dark forest,
You’ve lend me your brightest moon to bring my fear at rest.
You be that grey,yellow, black…
Healing and winning hearts, just like an ace in a game of deck.
The sun is yours, the moon is yours,
The stars are yours, the bird are yours.
You are complete in yourself’
On this planet, none such dwell.
So, it’s no wonder, why you are so high.
Why not anyone and why not I !!


By Lata Sharan

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  1. Aarohi

    it’s nyc … I n enjoyed reading it. keep writing more!

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