Love feel like Losing

When i say "I LOVE U"

why does love feel like losing?
like someone has pulled the floor from under my feet
I hit the bottom and my body breaks in half
and with every stitch I make, trying
to sew myself together, I say ‘I love you’
like a prayer, like I’m begging for some time,
pleading for safety, any escape at all
people lie when they talk about hearts
there is not just a single organ in me that aches
everything screams as I prod at it,
pain is good, at least I’m not dead yet,
but would that have been better than this
suffocation that builds and builds like pink tar
in my lungs, I have butterflies in my stomach,
but I know they aren’t the flower kind, as they
suck at my happiness, nectarines of joy
I say ‘I love you’ and the words lose meaning
if this is what being complete feels like
I think I have met my match and have
gone up and out in a short bright flame
and I ask myself, a charred hollow husk
why does love feel like losing?

By Aarohi

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