Dear Chichore

Dear Chichore

Dear Chichore,

As soon as the movie starts, with students entering the Engineering College, and keeps oscillating between past hostel and college life, but also never fails to contour light on the friendship, their friendship, love of 90s, beautiful journey of a college, and even the success and failure.

Where Raghav with the fear of getting tagged as Looser takes an unpredictable step, we get to know how parental pressure can stress out a child that even knowing that it’s just a start and they can do better, they fail, they get depress to such a level that they find suicide as an easy option

//Tumhara result decide nahi karta hai ki tum loser ho ki nahi tumhari koshish decide karti hai//

Where this dialogue goes well with the present scenario, it also inspires us to accept failure. It’s not the world you need to compete with, it’s you who need to be defeated each day. It taught us that our attempt and handwork decides what we are. It leaves a message to us that we shouldn’t judge our child on the basis of their results.

//Sache dost wohi hote hai … joh achhe waqt mein aapki bajate hai … aur jab mushkil waqt aata hai toh wohi chhichhore aapke darwaze par khade nazar aate hai//

In this world full of fake friends, true friend is rare to be find. This movie taught us, whatever we the situation, the true one never leaves your hand. They supports you in taking the decision. This movie revolves so well around friendship and how they are important

//Success ke baad ka plan sabke paas hai … lekin agar galti se fail ho gaye … toh failure se kaise deal karna hai … koi baat hi nahi karna chahta//

This is the true fact. I think everyone can relate with this, as they aren’t ready to accept what if they fail, what if things doesn’t work out, what if things are not as they plan. What if they fail, because they fear thinking it.
Actually no one wants to face it and no one actually plans how to deal with failure.

Where this movie teaches us how to deal with failure, its consequences, it also teaches us how not to give up on things you love.

Open letter
by Avni



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