A Mystery Women

A Mystery Women

Jai walked into the newly set up tent near the stream.

The lights inside were dim. He could barely figure the face of a woman seated across the table hidden beneath a veil of net that covered the bottom half of it and a bandana covering her hair.

The clairvoyant smiled as a nervous Jai engaged in small talk. He spoke about how he liked all things modern and yet never about the blank vintage diary hiding in his cupboard or the pocket watch he cherished. He spoke about books he read and how he’d never traveled abroad but longed to, with a mate. That was the clairvoyant’s cue. She listened to some more of his anecdotes from the past and looked into the crystal ball for what lay ahead.

She saw ocean blue eyes smiling and dark sunkissed hair swaying to rhythm of the waves.
“I see a woman,” she said, “a potential love interest perhaps.”
Jai remained stoic. The longing in his eyes turned to grimace.
“I’m not perfect,” he paused, afraid she would see through his insecurities and a hidden past. “Would she stay?” He wanted to ask.

The clairvoyant looked into the ball and smiled mysteriously “let somethings remain a mystery.”
“Where would I meet her?” Jai asked hurriedly and quietened suddenly realising.

The clairvoyant smiled again. “I’m sorry your time is up.”
And a disappointed Jai walked out.
Back home, he pulled out the vintage diary and drew a sketch as his mind kept replaying her words.
He randomly started drawing.
Long hair, an oval face, eyes the color of ocean blue, sunkissed hair, a silver robe. He stepped back and looked at the image he’d sketched and felt drawn towards.

Afraid he was losing his mind, he walked out of the house and decided to visit her again the following week.
The tent was gone. He heard ripples in the water and walked in the direction of the stream.

A woman in a silver robe walked stealthily along the stream, the evening sun casting a golden tint over her long dark hair. For a moment he thought he was hallucinating. He rechecked.
“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to pry but it seems like I know you from somewhere.” He almost showed her the sketch.

The clairvoyant smiled a familiar smile “Maybe, maybe not.
Guess we’ll never know.”


Written by Aarohi

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