Letter to Sushant

Sushant Singh Rajput

I know that you won’t read this anymore, as our country lost another star, it feel it’s like a personal loss. You were my favourite.It’s said who comes has to leave, but this is unbelievable, it wasn’t destinated to be in this way.

I am still in a utmost shock, thinking the person who inspired me, how to battle against suicidal thoughts, lost a battle against it.

From, Kai po che to Chichore you never failed to give your best, being perfect for each role you played.

You were passionate, the young heart who taught how to deal with failure, how to overcome yourself from depression.But today you yourself lost a fight against it, you were strong, and your loss taught us no matter how much money you have, how luxurious your life is, mental peace is not easy to find.We all need someone, we all need to be loved, depression is real and shouldn’t be ignored.You will forever reside in our heart, may your soul rest in peace.

Someone who can’t believe this

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  1. Ayushi

    Well written!! We love him😢

  2. Isha

    So true avni 😔

  3. Divyansh

    It is beautifull reallyy

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