Dear Ross & Monica (FRIENDS)

Dear Ross & Monika

I hope you guys still do your routine together. After all, siblings matching steps and agreeing to each other doesn’t happen very often. As love and friendship blossomed behind that purple door, you taught us that siblings can be best friends too.

Monica, being compared to your sibling all the time must have been hard for you, but no matter how competitive you were, you never left Ross’s side; well ‘The Geller Cup’ is an exception of course. You made extra thanksgiving sandwiches for him and hugged him every time he got a divorce. He could fool the world by saying ‘I am fine’ but he could never fool you. You understood him and comforted him in every way.

Ross, you looked out for Monica when she was heartbroken and helped her get away with those awkward family dinners. So what if she got the Porsche inspite of you being the ‘medical marvel’, you still looked out for her anyway.

You mocked Monica all the time but you also played the protective elder brother role when you had ‘the talk’ with Chandler to make sure he always keeps her happy.You showed us that siblings can fight but they can never let anybody else hurt you and that was something we could all relate to.

From Monica’s weird Barbados’s hair to Ross’s tragic tan episode, you witnessed all poor decisions together. So what if you spilled out each other’s secrets and gave a lot of information to your parents in 30 seconds, you still loved each other and stayed together till the end.

Your relationship was the perfect blend of love- hate and sibling jealousy with the deepest affection for each other. Thank you for teaching us that siblings can have disagreements, but they can go to the ends of the world to protect each other.


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