With love comes heartbreak

With love, comes heartbreak and we are never prepared for either. 

how many times we have fallen in love despite knowing that it might not last forever. love does that to you, replaces the ‘what if’ with the last message you received from them asking how your day was. so, you feel like giving love one more chance, hoping desperately that this time, it stays. 

when you are in love, there is nothing wrong and right or maybe, you just fail to notice the red flags initially because you are not ready to lose it too soon and so, you choose to forgive them when they make you wait for hours and don’t show up and you tell yourself to be understanding and not act insecure. the tiny warning of your heart? it dies somewhere along your unshed tears. 

the highlight of your day becomes those moments when you both are together, laughing carefree. but what stays itched in your heart are the memories where you looked at them like a kid looking at the moon  and they passed you by without even saying a proper Goodbye. 

we are lost souls who’ve never won in love but we are also stubborn, so we keep looking for love even when we say that we are happy on our own and do not need anyone else. 

and, so you end up falling in love again. maybe, because it is only love that makes you feel the most alive and makes you smile looking at the future with hope and not despair. 

and the cycle? it keeps repeating. either you end up heartbroken or become the heartbreaker. 

By Rakhi Gautam

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